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  • What is blogger outreach?

    Blogs were found to be the third-most influential digital resource (31%) when making overall purchases, only behind retail sites(56%) and brand sites(34%). In fact, blogs were found to be the fifth-most trustworthy source overall for information on the internet.

    Technorati Media & Digital Influence report 2013

    Blogger outreach, otherwise known as blogger relations is quite simply businesses working with bloggers to create genuine, authentic content to promote a product, brand or service.

    Blogger outreach can include sampling campaigns, in person live events, virtual events such as Twitter chats , ambassador programs and much more. The end goal is to uncover bloggers of influence who are a good match for your business and get them talking about you.

    Why bloggers? Bloggers don’t just write on the internet, they form vibrant communities through the telling of honest, authentic and often quite personal stories. This leads to trust; which the Social Media Examiner has artfully called “the digital currency of influence. Trust drives action and this is what makes bloggers so powerful.

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    The difficult truth is that there are good and bad ways to work with bloggers. In fact, Brand Meets Blog was started because when brands in Australia began working with bloggers in Australia they were doing it in such a way that noone was really ‘winning’. Instead of getting amazing coverage for their products and services, and bloggers being able to work with brands in a way that was inspiring and natural for them and their readers, brands were missing the “blog-ability equation” in their pitches.

    Here are some of the ways you can get blogger outreach wrong:

    – Send an email and use the wrong name for the blogger

    – Send out a mass press release and expect bloggers to create something amazing, or even create anything at all, from it.

    – Invite bloggers to your event without considering what, how and why they will share your content

    – Email bloggers you consider to be “the best” rather than looking at their style, your brand and whether they really work together


    Here are some of the ways to be outstanding when you work with bloggers:

    – Write to them as customers not journalists. Think of them as people you want to win over with your amazing service and relationship skills.

    – Think about the external pressures in their life that might impact their ability to get involved or attend your activity – thinks like kids, work etc…

    – Take a few moments to check them out online; read their latest blog post and quickly check in on their Facebook/Twitter or Instagram account.

    – Think about how you can help them as much as how they can help you.

    Bloggers are often incredible people; they are vibrant, dynamic and highly relational. They love to bring their creativity out to play with the brands they work with so if you want to really achieve amazing results with bloggers think fun, think relationally and then just start a conversation. If you want more good stuff then you might like to read how we approach it to get the ideas flowing or you can find out how we can help you achieve great results with bloggers.